Decorative Rocks

Rocks can be wonderfully appealing to the eye, and they can turn the front or backyard into an area of beauty. Best of all, these inanimate landscape design elements never need to be watered, weeded or cared for. They provide a wonderful sense of permanence, and years of carefree enjoyment for the homeowner. See the before and after pictures and the rock selection offered by Evers below. Also see the Boulders and Stone pages for larger stones and flagstones.



Decorative rocks are sold by the yard or by the bag (1/2 cubic foot). There are 54 bags in one cubic yard. You may use our online rock calculator to determine how much rock you need.  Rocks are usually installed at a depth of  2" to 3". Evers recommends the use of ground cloth (weed barrier) to prevent rocks from sinking into sandy soil. We will deliver your rock order for a reasonable fee. Please call Evers at (407) 892-7930 if you have any questions about decorative stones or any product we offer.
1/2" River Rock (Pea Rock)
Granite Chips
1 1/2" River Rock
Cedar Bark
1"-3" River Rock
White Marble
Red Lava
Salt and Pepper Rock
Salt and Pepper Rock
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